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    How to Call:

    1. Access Talker's Page

    • Open the app and search the Talker's ID, obtained from social media, etc.

    2. Chat

    • Use chat to find out more detailed information, or to check availability. Only one message may be sent.

    3. Call settings

    • When you receive a reply from Talker, the Call Button is displayed on the chat screen. At this point, you may also send another text message.
    • Press the Call Button to go to a screen for entering payment information, and configuring the maximum call time.
    • Your credit card, real name and the other personal info will not be shown to Talkers.

    4. Call

    • Once you have entered the information, the call is made. Please wait, as it may take a little while to establish a connection.
    • Once the call is connected, this constitutes the start of the service. A counter on the top of the screen starts to keep track of the elapsed time.

    5. Payment

    • Once the call is finished (or if you reach the maximum time), the amount is calculated and payment is completed automatically.

    How to provide a service:

    1. Create service​

    • There are people all over the world who seek your knowledge, experience, and special skills. Using the video calls, think about what you can offer.
    • You can set the price per minute freely. You can change these settings later.
    • Connecting the payment service Stripe, you can receive payment into your account directly from customers. You need a bank information to register and connect Stripe account.

    2. Share

    • When the service registration is completed, the URL of your service will be issued.
    • Announce the service by posting the URL on your social media.
    • More details

    3. Receive a call

    • The first contact from the customer is by text chat. You can coordinate the time and content before the call.
    • When the call comes, you provide the service. Do your best to turn customers into repeat users!​

    4. Payment receipt

    • The customer enters and authenticates their credit card payment information before the call.
    • When the call starts, the time count starts, and the fee is calculated and collected at the end of the call.
    • Univertalk Fee and Stripe Fee are deducted and payment is made to your account.

    5. Getting reviews

    • After the service is finished, the customer evaluates the service quality.
    • Getting more good evaluations is sure to bring in more new customers.

    6. Manage stripe account

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