• Monetize your time!

  • Paid Video Chat App

    Simple, Reliable and Secure. ​The perfect Paid Video Chat App for personal and business use.

    ​​Univertalk is an app that allows you to use one-on-one video chat to provide a variety of services, across a variety of topics. You can earn money by sharing your time, knowledge, or special skills.​

  • Your price

    Set the price freely based on your value. You can change these settings later.​


    The fee is charged automatically based on call duration. Simple system, fair for both you and the customer.​

    Direct payment

    Easy to receive a payment. The fee will be credited quickly and directly to your Stripe account.

  • Easy.


    Become a Talker!

    Entertainment? Business? Coaching? You can start a service on any theme. Let's use the freedom of imagination to create an unique service.

    with Social Media

    We recommend using Univertalk with your social media. ​When the set up is completed, your Talker's ID and page will be issued. Share the ID on your social media!

  • Secure Payment System

    Univertalk uses the reliable and powerful online payment system Stripe. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

  • System Fees
    ​Per successful card charge. No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
    Univertalk Fee: 7%
    Stripe Fee: Depending on your country (US: 2.9%+30c)

    * Services that violate laws, regulations, and disrupt public order/morals are prohibited. Please check the terms of service before use.
    * Some categories of businesses are prohibited from using the Stripe service. You can find details here.